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Sup Newgrounds

2012-05-17 21:22:42 by DJ-Ultimax

im new to this place


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2012-05-17 23:08:34

holla bwoyeee

DJ-Ultimax responds:

hey noob


2012-05-18 10:59:58

Dubstep is the fucking pits thanks to fucking idiots like you who made it go commercial. Fuck you and your goddamn need for turning artforms into trends.

DJ-Ultimax responds:

my dupstep is the bestest and it is art noob and poop


2012-05-22 20:00:54

i agree with IIssm

DJ-Ultimax responds:



2012-06-18 18:01:35

You mean.. You're "newb" to this place? ^^

DJ-Ultimax responds:

shut up noob, you spell bad


2012-07-03 21:14:53

wow your only comeback is that where noobs, and a question, how can someone miss spell noob/newb when neither is a real word?

I agree with KyPPo, Omegeist, Natick, and lissm. Overall... YOU ARE THE NOOB, your dubstep is not the best if it was maybe at least one person would like it, but nobody does.

your one "Song" (dare i even classify it as music) has so many errors maybe you should listen to people so you can get better instead of be so full of yourself and your ear hurting song

DJ-Ultimax responds:

My song is incridible and i have pruof caus 3 people alredy downloeded it you noob. YOur a jelous noob


2012-07-24 04:19:15

hey im no genius bit chk ur quality. stop tryna be like everyone else in the industry and diversify. Only a artist that is full of himself wont ever grow.Come on Jeeves be yourself for once in your life.


2012-07-24 15:10:45

Not sure if he is trolling or completely retard


2012-07-29 20:26:11

id say he is completely retard


2012-12-19 01:45:13

oh my god


2012-12-19 15:59:56

Your music fucking sucks.

DJ-Ultimax responds:

no t as muhc as ur mum


2012-12-27 18:34:31



2013-02-13 19:59:20

You really do suck though. But thank you for the minute and a half of pure hysteria at your creation of "music" Never laughed harder.


2017-04-10 21:21:14

why do I even enjoy party dancefloor lol you suck you pigeon licker